British Council

Going Global with British Council

"A man's feet should be planted in his country but his eyes should survey the world."

The fast communication and transportation have changed the face of the world. What once seemed to be impossible is now possible on the click of a button or within hours. Realizing the inevitability of the changes, it is imperative for the schools and educators to equip the young students to meet their future needs. Today’s world is rightly called a global village. Physical boundaries are losing their significance. People are becoming global citizens. It is very important that our students get the kind of education and exposure that enables them to make their presence felt in this global village. DPS Panipat Refinery tied with British Council in the year 2009 to achieve this goal. The collaboration has proved to be magnificent and very fruitful. Our students have got the international exposure by communicating and sharing their school life with their counterparts studying in different countries. Under the guidance of the British Council the students have been performing various academic and co-curricular activities and tie up with the students from other countries to share and learn from them.


For its active contribution, the Britsh Council bestowed International School Award on the school for the period of 2010-2013, 2014-17 and reconferred the same for the period of 2018-21. The school received this prestigious award third time in a row. The whole school, right from class Nursery to XII contributed for the various projects planned as a part of ISA expedition.

 Mr. Vinod Sharma, Principal Receiving the Award

Our Seventh Project

Disability is Diversity

Disability is an inescapable element of human experience. Although it is rarely acknowledged as such, it is also a fundamental aspect of human diversity. Our seventh ISA project “Disability is Diversity” addressed this issue and made students of classes VI to VIII sensitive towards this.  To make them understand that each individual is unique, and we must recognize our individual differences, we involved them in an array of activities. The students studied that world-wide, an enormous number of people are disabled and they face different kinds of problems in every walk of life. The students did an in-depth research work for this on countries like USA, UK, UAE, Japan and India. They also explored about the steps that the governments of these countries are taking to help the disabled people. They made project reports, power point presentations bulletin boards etc. At the end, the students were able to comprehend the concept of understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.


Students Making Presentation

Students Creating Project Reports

Our Sixth Project

Festival Bash

“A festival is a tool to bring life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm.", for everyone in DPS Panipat Refinery, these words became the essence of their school lives for three to four months when our ISA project ‘Festival Bash’ was going on. Not only the students of classes I to V but also everyone else who became a part of this magnificent project directly or indirectly had a feeling like that. As festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and traditions, the students celebrated culture, tradition and heritage of not only India but also Peru, Venice, USA, Palestine and Taiwan. Just like the colours of rainbow, we were having innumerable hues in the form of Inti Raymi festival of Peru, Halloween of USA, Venice Carnival of Italy, Eid of Palestine, Chinese New Year and Moon Cake Festival of Taiwan and last but not the least Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali of India were the adornments. The students as well as teachers enjoyed each and every moment thoroughly. All of them had applied themselves for so many months to make this project a huge success. And their hard work was really paid off in the end when the exhibition during PTM brought down the house for them.  The whole school and the parents were in a state of euphoria during the exhibition. The presentation and the performances by the students were jaw dropping. The response that they got was phenomenal. The students learnt about the culture and traditions of different countries and developed an attitude of love tolerance and understanding for others’ cultures at such a tender age. Overall in simple terms, the project inculcated the global citizen’s values of peace, harmony and happiness amongst the children.



Exhibition and Dramatisation at PTM

Our Fifth Project

Flavours, Costumes and Greetings

“Unity in Diversity” – this phrase holds true not only for India but also for the whole world. That’s what everyone associated with the project “Flavours, Costumes and Greetings” experienced at each and every moment. Food is a means for people to establish and express relationships between one another. Traditional wears and language of a country also play a pivotal role to describe its culture. They let a person rooted with his/her own country. The tiny tots of classes Nursery and Prep became part of myriad activities, each one of which helped them in connecting with other countries’ culture by means of food, costumes and greetings While studying about the flavours and costumes of different countries, the students also learnt to greet in the language of that specific country. Food Fests and annual assembly named “Rainbow” was organized as a part of the project during which the students enjoyed the food of different countries and performed in the traditional costumes of those countries.

Annual Assembly - Rainbow

Food Fest of Nursery and Prep

Our Fourth Project

Constitutional Design and Organs of Government

The students of class IX, in collaboration with the students of Sultan Razia High school, Afghanistan, explored and did a comprehensive study about Constitutional Design and Organs of Government of various countries like China, Qatar, France, India and Afghanistan. They created charts and models describing the structure of government and constitutional design. They laid special emphasis on Environmental laws of different countries. The students in Afghanistan too participated wholeheartedly in all the activities and exchanged ideas regarding the global issue of environmental pollution, climate change and measures to reduce that during skype session. A mock parliament session in MUN format was organised by the students. They also exhibitted their work during PTM.

Mock Parliament

Magna Carta Activity

Model Making


Exhibition of Charts, Projects and Models

Our Third Project

Boond - Each Drop Makes a Difference

Shouldering the responsibility of being a global citizen, the students of class X, in collaboration with the students of Sultan Razia High school, Afghanistan, addressed the global issue of Water Crisis by studying water scarcity in different countries like Libya, Bahrain, USA, Egypt, Afghanistan and its effects on different aspects of human lives. By means of diverse activities they made the whole school aware of the importance of potable water in today's scenario and the necessity to conserve it. The students expressed their concern in the form of beautiful poems, articles speeches and street plays. They also organised a special assembly to convey the message to each and everyone in the school and urged them to be cognizant of the issue and contribute their bit to curb the problem.

A View of Special Assembly

Street Plays

Poem and Article Writing

Our Second Project

Wonders that Make us Wonder

The students of class VII reveled in a roller coaster ride of seven wonders of the modern world .  The complete ride, beginning from collecting information, working together, hopping the hurdles and finally reaching to the destination of presenting their work in the form of Wonder Fest, was a marvellous experience for them. During Wonder Fest, they seemed like popping candies waiting eagerly to express their knowledge which they had gained by putting in so much of hard work. While studying about all the wonders, they were simply astonished by the mind blowing architecture, planning and implementation of all the master pieces, hundreds of years ago. Watching them was a real feast to eyes and it seemed as if sky was the limit for them.

Students Exhibiting their work during PTM in the form of Wonder Fest

Our First Project

Going Boundless Within Boundaries


The students of classes XI and XII delved into the roots of geometrical shapes in art, the movements and the pioneers in various countries like India, Spain, France and Italy. Mingling the tangibility of geometrical shapes, the hues of abstract art and ethnicity of folk art, the students created Fusion Art in the form of Paintings and Tiles by blending Indian art forms and art forms of other countries. The inventiveness of the students  polished their creative attitude and skills.

Students depicting their artwork on paper

Portrayal of students' ideas on tiles


Exhibition of students' work at PTM

International School Award 2014-2017

                                   International School Award and Trophy               Mr. Vinod Sharma, Principal Receiving the Award

All the activities carried out as a part of ISA proved to be a never ending source of joy and knowledge. Everyone associated with them, may be the students or the teachers, had a novel experience of its own kind. The projects took out the creativity of students in full bloom. Doing the same things in a different manner apart from the daily routine gave them an opportunity to express themselves in a way they never had before.

The special assemblies of class VI for the project ‘Go Green for Life’  having International Themes on environment and the Annual day of Classes I and II ‘Celebrating Diversity Through Festivals’ had the enthralling impact on the audience. The Global Fest of ‘Around the World’ project of class VIII forced everyone to forget about the national boundaries and feel like a global citizen of this beautiful world. Their hard work and endless efforts were recognized and appreciated by each and every person. The students were full of joys of spring.

Then came a box full of culture in the form of ‘Culture in a Box’ online project. We met with these wonderful partners from Taiwan, Palestine and Egypt. The entire experience of class VII students was full of excitement, knowledge and a strong emotional bonding. The blogs that they shared with each other were a clear reflection of the sentiment which we want to cultivate in our students of being respectful towards diverse cultures of this world.

Another opportunity of sharing culture and values that the students got was during the Collaborative project with U.K. and U.S.A. based on Shifting Trends and Values in Teenagers, we realized that no matter if we are at the opposite ends of this world, we share common values and sentiments.

The whole journey gave us a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and contentment.

 “Things end but memories last forever.”