Class IX to X

The school strictly follows the curriculum and the guidelines of CBSE at secondary level with a primary aim to prepare the students for All India Secondary School Examination. The atmosphere of the classrooms is very congenial and interactive with a child centric approach. Due emphasis is given on the scholastic needs of the students with an equal importance of practical learning and developing soft skills. Students will be assessed in Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas as per the following scheme:


Scholastic Areas:

  • The scholastic assessment will comprise Internal Assessment and Annual examination.
  • Internal Assessment will consist of periodic (pen paper) tests, assessment of notebooks and assessment of subject enrichment activities (like practical lab work, map work, project work, speaking & listening skills etc.).
  • Three periodic tests (each test for 80 marks for all subjects) will be held in the month of July, September and December respectively. The portion of syllabus will be cumulatively covered.
  • Average marks of the best two periodic tests will be taken for final result.
  • Assessment of subject enrichment activities and notebooks will be done on a continuous basis.
  • Annual examination of class IX, covering 100% syllabus, will be held in the month of March. Maximum marks for each subject will be 80.
  • Annual examination for class X, covering 100% syllabus, will be conducted by CBSE. 


Final result (Each Subject):

A - Average of best two periodic tests out of three - out of 10 marks

B - Average of assessment of notebooks - out of 05 marks

C - Average of assessment of three SEA's - out of 05 marks

D - Annual Examination - 80 marks 

Total - A+B+C+D - 100 marks


Co-Scholastic Activities: For the holistic development of the students, the students shall be graded in Work Education, Art Education, Health and Physical Education. Aspects such as regularity, sincere participation, output and teamwork shall be the criteria for grading the coscholastic activities

Discipline: The students will be graded term wise for discipline, based on factors such as attendance, sincerity, behaviour and values