Class I to V

We at school believe that learning becomes meaningful when it is connected with immediate environment of the children. The knowledge, thus gained, is an outcome of the students' engagement with the world around when they explore, respond, invent, and make meaning of it. Through a child centric curriculum, our aim is to facilitate the young learners to have the age specific competencies in language, numerical ability and environmental science. Our endeavor is to sensitize the children  to the social and cultural skills. They are encouraged to think, reflect on issues and arrive at their own solutions. The main objective behind the curriculum is to enable the children to communicate effectively and develop the integrated skills and creativity required for them to grow as confident and independent individuals. Apart from the academic empowerment, there is an equal focus of the curriculum on honing the skills of the students in co-curricular activities. Sports, performing arts, dance classes are held on a daily basis for the students to strengthen the soft skills of the students. Special assemblies are held to make them sensitive to culture and environment.